I feel your cry

Afghanistan, I feel your cry
you’re every orphaned child
you’re every woman with a veil as her own sky
you’re every unbearded man flat on the ground

you are trembling with a godless fist within your mouth
your will has been erased
a huge burqa covers both the earth and firmament

too many times you died
an awful death

you were flourished once with peace
and education thrived
understanding reigned
liberty was not merely a word
and you’ve known love
but now
you’re bereft of it all
and I wonder which god knows and cares of all these earthly struggles of yours

Mihaela Melnic, born in Romania, lives and writes in Rome, Italy. She is the author of the poetry collection Layers of Rust and Life (2023, Impspired Press), co-author of the poetry and short fiction book Evermore (2021, 17Numa Press). Her work has been published in various literary venues and anthologies. Links to her publications can be found at her website. Read other articles by Mihaela.