Incandescent Sky

Until now, the skies were only blue or gray.
But today, wrathful Cacus set the sky ablaze.
Today, the spectral smoke choked ochre sky mirrors
exploding wildfires unleashed below.

Today the tarnished jaundice sky measures
the crumbling Constitutional edifices,
the raging roving injustice burning
everywhere across the land.

Today as thousands are driven
from their homes, the pestilence
spreads across the land,
killing hundreds of thousands.

Today the sooted grimy sky
reflects the deceitful lawless tyrant,
all his crooked crony stagehands,
his white nationalist army of tormentors.
as their raw sewage floods the rivers and streams
of our theories.

Today this climate rampage
has nothing to do with climate change.
We bask instead in the political climate
of aberrant delusions.

Today this inferno in the sky,
this ceiling of hellfire,
suffocates our oxygen of dreams.

Below, the Constitution provides
kindling for the flames
engulfing our democracy,
the fuel for our conspiracy wildfire,
our rite of passage
to the underworld.

Thomas Wells’s forthcoming poetry book “Complexions of Being,” is scheduled for publication by Yorkshire Publishing. His poetry credits also include Caesura Journal, PS: It’s Poetry, a poetry anthology, Dissident Voice, The Magnolia Review, The Opiate Journal, and Tuck Magazine. His poetry has won contest awards. Over the decades, his poetry has appeared in small journals including Visions International, Cafeteria, Gargoyle, and West End Magazine. In 1982, he published a chapbook of poetry titled "Native Steel" available from Black Buzzard Press. Read other articles by Thomas.