It caught us unawares
Capitalist societies
Stopped dead in the water
Mother nature’s wake-up call
Drifting at sea
Out of gas on the side of a road
Hundreds of thousands dead
Millions contaminated
Species gone extinct
More coming
Children in cages
Women and children murdered/missing
Signs of psychopathic leaders
The planet cannot sustain
This craziness no more
Moving forward
Will take courage
Engines of peace and love
Are needed, fueled by:
Indigenous/feminist/egalitarian sources
Coupled with an environmental agenda
No one left behind
More attention for inner-heart space, and not
Outer space projects
We are only visitors here, and
Can be asked to leave in a moment’s notice
Humanity at a crossroads
Precarious times upon us all
We must wage peace!
Sandals, not boots, on the ground
The trumps of the world want to stay the same
They are void of vision and have no hope/love
They must be removed from the wheel,
As well as other greedy folks
All hands-on deck!
The moment we have been waiting for has arrived
Mutiny on the planet!
Prepare to set sail for new possibilities
We can do this, we have to,
The time for hesitating is through
Just imagine what we can do
When we march together
Earthlings start your engines of hope!

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.