We put full trust in currency.
It provides economic certainty.
Across the globe it`s key to economic coherency.
What the masses pursue fervently.

Euro, Pound, Dollar, Crown no matter your land
By fiat command it gives us cash in hand.
Be it paper note or digital quote.
To its stability governments are enshrined to promote.

Its purchases equate the resources the world compounds.
When based on gold, it existed within Earth’s bounds.
No longer pegged Its footings no longer sound.
Under its weight the Earth drowns.

Its net worth our creation.
A figment of our imagination.
An infinite expanding calculation.
A system based on perpetual inflation.

Exponential growth, increasing debt essential.
The world exploited beyond its potential.
Of our insatiable nature it’s quintessential.
Limited resources not consequential.

Humans born of the Earth.
To this currency we gave birth.
How do we manage its actual worth?
Given the planet’s resources are at a dearth.

Give back more than you consume.
We are stewards meant to make the Earth bloom.
Look at the planet as a womb.
Its not a place we must entomb.

To speak of the world as an economy.
You’re speaking oxymoronically.
You reduce the planet to a commodity.
Ask what’s your individual responsibility.

Consider the cost every time you spend.
Each unit a token of something that’s come to an end.
A tree, animal or rock ask yourself if it’s something you should defend.
Think of the true value of life and land, we can reverse this trend.

Consider where you put your energy.
For you’re a resource not a mere accessory.
Are you adding to the world’s jeopardy?
Justify the fruits of your labors they need to be necessary.

Do not be of self importance.
Do not make yourself a stooge in someones else’s performance.
Be the change you want to see, exist in non-conformance.
The power of individual freewill exercises enormity .

It matters not your creed, whether its democracy.
Matters not if you’re a member of the aristocracy.
Even if you consider your law that of theocracy.
To consume without consequence is all hypocrisy.

In god we trust.
The possessions for which we lust.
In this pursuit are we just?
The cost of a home we pound to dust.

Justin Magro lives vicariously through his creations. Read other articles by Justin.