(for m d M)

Silence Solar (Photo by Dr. T.P. Wilkinson)

the fuel
of growth
in firs and fossils
the myths
of growth
in fables and fantasy
do not
replace the love
once found
in a century past
where maturity
let passion last,
in silence solar
exploding glow
Still the foolish
lightly frightened
blind belief
but called enlightened
faces facetiously
would scorch
the sun to shade
in vanity’s torch
Wealth and fame
from ashes taken
All this for love
must be forsaken.

Dr T.P. Wilkinson writes, teaches History and English, directs theatre and coaches cricket between the cradles of Heine and Saramago. He is author of Unbecoming American: A War Memoir and also Church Clothes, Land, Mission and the End of Apartheid in South Africa. Read other articles by T.P..