Morning Flames

glass windows face the sunbeams,
pale fingers are over there
scratching the months and years,

screaming winds are sending their tails
and there is another dream building
in unopened letters, in blue envelopes,

poison in the blood consumes the new rain,
shadows lick the wall like flames
in the silence of the morning.

in me no love, no dream, no desire
and everywhere ghost promises,
talk some sense in dead memories.

an earthly suffering that engulfs
the borders of the lane, the street,
the city and, finally distils even the time period.

Gopal Lahiri was born and grew up in Kolkata, India. He is a bilingual poet, writer, editor, critic and translator and published in Bengali and English language. He has authored seven volumes of poetry in Bengali and nine volumes in English and jointly edited one anthology of poems in English. His poetry is also published across various anthologies as well as in eminent journals of India and abroad. He is the recipient of the Poet of the Year Award in Destiny Poets, UK, 2016. He can be reached at Read other articles by Gopal.