The Cancer Center

The silence rained down on the center that day, the silence
Rained down on those who knew naught but sorrow

The silence rained down enveloping all that knew its pain,
Amidst the wake of untold horrors duly drowning towards oblivion

Unhallowed empty nights whereon no clock strikes ever,
Diluvian zones unraveling, a sacred chalice without dawn

The silence rained down on the center that day,
The silence rained down on all who felt its cryptic power

And the meek knew only fear under that mesmeric white silence,
Under the silence of the center and the drowning of the main

Crucifixion laid its mark on that undrawn hour,
Lost unto the whiteness crying in the rain

David Penner has taught English and ESL within the City University of New York and at Fordham. His articles on politics and health care have appeared in CounterPunch, Dissident Voice, Dr. Linda and KevinMD; while his poetry has been published with Dissident Voice. Also a photographer, he is the author of three books: Faces of Manhattan Island, Faces of The New Economy, and Manhattan Pairs. He can be reached at: 321davidadam@gmail. Read other articles by David.