Sinking Ship

Sinking ship, where’s the Captain?
Is he threatening death to Democracy?
How is this still happening?
How long does this pass last?

Rants and raves to the tv?
Rants and raves on the air?
So who is not changing the channel?
Who’s keeping the tv on?

Never paid attention in class.
There were too many words in books.
Took the day off every single day.
Had a hall pass for life in his mind.

Rants and raves to the audience.
Rants and raves on to his base.
Who is not feeling a bit scared?
Who’s keeping the microphone on?

The boat is treading water.
Does anybody care anymore?
How is this still going on?
Who is ok with this sinking ship?

Rants and raves to the tv.
Rants and raves with hot air.
So who is not changing the channel?
Like Marvin said, “What’s going on?”

Luis lives in California and works in Los Angeles. His poetry has appeared in Blue Collar Review, Dissident Voice, and Struggle Magazine. Read other articles by Luis.