To the Sun

O thou, the energy of light,
Your rays glitter in the hub of the Earth
beating the dancing of screw-shaped
billows of veering cloud
traversing a space of the Universe!
O thou, who are indomitable,
And, whose abundance lightly touches
the meadows of hope
by your caresses of endlessness
O thou,
Whose enfolding gives high radiance
to the cheerless gloom of the unseen
been buried far off in the den of hopelessness,
Perhaps panicking for a hope,
Perhaps dying for
a beam of your cheerful coming.
O thou, who are existed to outshine
the hours of night
spread beyond our imagination;
O thou, who out rival the Stygian darkness,
And thou, who out rival the sable-vested night,
The total eclipse and the gathering of clouds!
Thou have endurable breaths of lights
Across the sunken peripheries of the Universe!

Welkin Siskin is writer whose poems have been published in several anthologies. He lives in Washington. Read other articles by Welkin.