Star Spangled Skies

Over, and over again we’ve
Been systematically taught
That evil was our friend.

Though we don’t call it by
Its given name, it remains
Evil just the same.

It has discredited and made a
Mockery out of good, like any
Good master of deception would.

I’m quite aware that this rhyme
May seem rather trite, and I can
Write a million of them over night.

So what is the moral, the lesson,
The plan? To get all of our heads
Out of the sand. Common sense

And decency is all I demand.
So let us not continue to fly
By the seat of our pants.

America open your eyes before
They’re sealed shut by the
Crust of your styes. If we cannot

Relearn to again compromise,
It will surely lead to our demise,
Then total destruction will loom

On the tombs and wounds
Of our star spangled skies.

Kenneth Vincent Walker is a "New Formalist" Poet, Spoken Word Artist, Performer, and Author of BORDERLINE ABSURD (An Exercise in Rhyme and Reason), published by Poem Sugar Press 2015. Read other articles by Kenneth Vincent.