Child of War

(Isis child bride, Shamima Begum, is refused re-entry to Britain)

We must abhor, and cast aside,
This child of war; this Isis bride.

And cast aside, eye for an eye,
This Isis bride. Exemplify.

Eye for an eye, for those we lost,
Exemplify, at her great cost.

For those we lost; the Countries’ pain,
At her great cost, our Countries’ stain.

The Countries’ pain, our anger rife,
Our Countries’ stain: one born in strife.

Our anger rife; we will not save,
One born in strife, cold in his grave.

We will not save, we must abhor,
Cold in his grave, this child of war.

Patricia is a registered architect working in London and residing in Essex. In her spare time she likes to paint, write novels and occasionally dabble in poetry. Read other articles by Patricia.