The claim of war

Where is your arm, I am asked?
We should all have arms.
Where is your leg, I am asked?
We should all have legs.
We should all have arms and feet,
but mine were taken away,
by some unseen device
that has been proven efficient.
It is better than a surgeon,
just more messy,
but far less expensive.
And, that is what my arm, my foot
has become to someone
who just by pushing a button
has performed surgery on me.
The simple push of a button
and my surgery was performed
without a licenses and without
a heart.
And now I stumble
and now I have trouble hugging.
But I get 50% disability.
The checks come every month.
I wish though that you would instead
send my arm and my leg.
I’m waiting and I’m struggling.
Where is my arm?
Where is my leg?
I left them on the battlefield.
If you find them, tell them
that I miss them.

John Collins, a retired pharmacist and teacher, has been a long time writer and after 40 years is attempting to compile his writings into a volume for print. He has appeared in Dissident Voice and the Pagolin Review. His topics are frequently about the horrors of conflict, but also about the duality of the encounters in life. Read other articles by John.