Bodies curled
beside each other

Mothers protecting
their children
with arms shrunken
from malnutrition

Teargas sizzles
the remains
of a culture
fighting for justice

Fathers, brothers, sisters,
mothers, uncles, aunts

Fighting for each other
between invisible lines

Fighting for each other
between invisible shields

Fighting for each other
between invisible tears

Fighting for each other
Between invisibility and life

Do not let them become
invisible too

Adam Levon Brown is a published author, poet, amateur photographer, and cat lover. He is owner of Madness Muse Press; a micro-press that publishes dark poetry, and a book reviewer for Five 2 One Magazine. He has over 100 poems published in 9 different countries. He has been published in venues such as Burningword Literary Journal, Corvus Review, and Yellow Chair Review. Adam can be contacted via his website at where he offers free poetry resources. Also see his press at Read other articles by Adam Levon.