Behold the Truth

when evil rides a pale white horse
right up to the polls of rape and pedophilia
singing hymns with alternative themes of
patriarchy and patriotism
what more could you ask for?
i mean what other signs do you need
to know that a foul form of devilment is afoot?
open eyes can easily see that the auburn jester
plays first chair fiddle in a symphony full of unfunky tunes
only the willfully extreme ignorant would dare dance to
songs celebrating a nightmarish carnival of carnivores
devouring the flesh of the poor like parasites on Percocet
and when the real Jesus finally comes back down to what’s left
of this bitter and bile earth, gun in one hand, whip in the other
it will be damnation for this damned nation
of evangelical whores who sells their poison wares
to a flock of dense sheep fleeced in the name of a false idol
the ugly green goblin they honestly thought was god

Charlie R. Braxton is a poet, playwright and journalist born in McComb, Mississippi. He has published two volumes of poetry, Cinders Rekindled (2013), and Ascension from the Ashes (1991). His poetry has appeared in a number of literary journals, including, The Black Nation, Black American Literature Forum, Cutbanks, Drumvoices Review, Eyeball Literary Magazine, Shout Out UK, The San Fernando Poetry Journal and The Transnational. His work has also appeared in the anthologies The African World in Dialogue: An Appeal to Action! (2016), Role Call: A Generational Anthology of Social and Political Black Literature & Art (2002), Step into a World: A Global Anthology of the New Black Literature (2000), Trouble the Water: 250 Years of African American Poetry (1996), and In the Tradition: An Anthology of Young Black Writers Read other articles by Charlie R..