Do not question

In the Paleolithic age
There was a sage
Who invented smartphone …..
And a drone….

Do not question!
Only listen!

There were planes that could fly
Electric vehicles that could ply
Machines that could spy…..
Do not ask how and why!

Just listen!
Don’t question!

All answers are found in religion
Need not bother about science and reason
Read the scriptures: read the gospel
Read ‘Mahabharata’ epic battle
Read the Qura’an and the Bible
Till all the lingering doubts settle ….

Do not question
Do not question!

Human progress thru the ages,
Proletarian struggles for improved wages,
The philosophers interpretation of the world
The scientists hard work – courageous and bold …..

Do not ever mention !
Else, you’ ll be tried for treason!

Present situation is tragic
There is dearth of logic
Oppression and exploitation are strategic
Tools to the system capitalistic

Do not question!
Just, to the rulers, listen…!

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