The Post-Modern Project Is Not Complete

(A Structural-Anarchism Critique of Left/Right Accelerationism)

The post-modern project is not complete. The fundamental meta-narrative of capitalism continues to persist and bewitch a vast sum of humanity. If the post-modern condition is defined by “an incredulity towards meta-narratives”, ((Jean-Francois Lyotard, The Post-Modern Condition, Trans. Geoff Bennington and Brian Massumi (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1984) xxiv.)), then, the meta-narrative of capitalism is the last great bastion of the Enlightenment and its two-faced ideal of human equality and civic emancipation. Indeed, the meta-narrative of capitalism, the crown-jewel of the Enlightenment, continues to prosper and enslave, both mentally and physically, the rational human spirit, with dreams of material and immaterial luxury, opulence, and egalitarian abundance, which as always, are items manufactured on material and conceptual exploitation, domination, and the immiseration of the global workforce/population.

The bastard children of the Enlightenment, and its zeal for human preservation and emancipation through an ever-confining set of iron-cage rational-mechanisms are comprised of two factions currently in vogue. The first faction includes the dark, fascist nightmares of the current, right-wing wave of dark Enlightenments, who yearn for a vast set of repressive-mechanisms under some sort of fascist, corporate, dictatorship etc., so as to re-establish old Enlightenment dichotomies, whereupon people are put in their place through coercion, if need be. More or less, the dark Enlightenment is a devil’s bargain in the sense that it is an exchange of freedom for self-preservation; i.e., safety. It is as Horkheimer and Adorno state, “the exchange of freedom for the pursuit of self-preservation”, ((Max Horkheimer and Theodor Adorno, Dialectic of Enlightenment, Trans. John Cumming (New York: Continuum, 2000) 40.)) whereupon, the “technological rationale is the rationale of domination, itself”. ((Ibid, p. 121.)) Dark Enlightenment proponents believe it is through a hardline-totalitarianism by which capitalism can be maximized to its fullest potential; as a result, according to the dark Enlightenment, all democratic “political opposites are [to be fused into] one [and demand an] enthusiastic obedience to the [totalitarian] rhythms of the iron-system,…[that is] the absolute power of capitalism”. ((Ibid, p. 120.))

This is a corporate-fascist-state, devoid of democracy, where all dissenting voices, including the population as a whole, “are relentlessly forced into [a hardline] uniformity”. ((Ibid, p. 124.)) In contrast, the second faction of the Enlightenment, currently in vogue right now includes the sly, cunning, left-wing, techno-utopians, masquerading communists, who yearn for a vast technocratic, luxury, communist society, which is founded on a stringent adherence to instrumental-rationality and old, Habermasian, liberal Enlightenment ideals. That is, “a future-oriented left guided by the goal of universal emancipation” ((Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams, Inventing The Future: Postcapitalism and a World Without Work, (New York: Verso, 2015) 23.)) through rational consensus, knowing full-well consensus is the politically correct term for totalitarian ideological homogeneity, devoid of real differences.

Both factions are errors in judgment and the product of mythical Enlightenment, nonsensical thinking, namely, “the retreat [of] Enlightenment into mythology”. ((Max Horkheimer and Theodor Adorno, Dialectic of Enlightenment, Trans. John Cumming (New York: Continuum, 2000) xiv.)) These two positions/factions merely repeat the nauseating circularity of the dialectic of Enlightenment, which Horkheimer and Adorno outlined so well, whereupon “today…[we are] accelerating the advance towards [a totally] administrated world…[which] condemns the [rational] spirit to increasing darkness”, ((Ibid, p. x-xiv.)) left or right. As a result, both factions are mesmerized and trapped within the dialectic of Enlightenment and/or the meta-narrative of capitalism, which through accelerationism of various types and kinds, left and right, unwittingly attempt to untether capitalism and/or the Enlightenment in order to realize their disastrous potentials, via the full implementation of radical, instrumental-rationality.

The right-wing faction yearns to do away with the Enlightenment; i.e., democracy, while magnifying social regimentation and the mechanisms of capitalism, manifesting a survival of the fittest, winner take all, set of socio-economic conditions, founded on self-interest and instrumental-rationality. This is totalitarian fascism. In contrast, the left-wing faction yearns to do away with capitalism, while magnifying the rational mechanisms of Enlightenment, where “whatever does not conform to the rule of computation and utility is suspect” ((Ibid, p. 6.)) and the “power [of ideological consensus is] the principle of all [societal] relations”. ((Ibid, p. 9.)) This is a technocratic, totalitarian communism. A totalitarian-socialism based on an unhinged instrumental-rationality, bent towards universal consensus, in order to produce a high-tech, technocratic, luxury, utopian-Stalinism, whereupon, an ironclad universal consensus rules and dominates an ideological plurality and socio-economic minority.

Therefore, contrary to left/right accelerationism, the point is to do away with the Enlightenment and capitalism altogether. This is the third option. The most radical option, beyond left/right accelerationism, which attempts to do away with both the meta-narrative of capitalism and the meta-narrative of the Enlightenment, since both are synonymous and reflect one another. As a result, the point of this philosophical essay is to outline this third revolutionary option in contrast to left/right accelerationism. The point is not to accelerate capitalism, either from the left or the right, including its mechanisms of exploitation and domination, praying for some exit strategy and/or event-horizon, whereupon capitalism will burst into flames, via its exploitative devices, and/or morph into a corporate capitalist dictatorship like Singapore.

In contrast, the point is ultimately to override both capitalism and the Enlightenment, not to accelerate them. Both left/right accelerationists, forego the revolution, and posit the responsibility of radical social change upon capitalist machinery, whether this is Artificial Intelligence, or some other, technocratic mumbo-jumbo, they posit revolutionary agency within capitalist machinery rather than within human agency. As a result, both left/right accelerationists express the epitome of capitalist fetishism and Enlightenment myth-making, which is mistakenly generated from machinery, where, as Marx states, “the products of human industry…and the power of knowledge [mistakenly appear as] the development of fixed capital [i.e. machinery]” ((Karl Marx, “Grundrisse”, The Marx-Engels Reader, ed. Robert C. Tucker (New York, New York: W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., 1978) 285.)) rather than human consciousness and human activity, from which machinery actually sprang.

Consequently, the point is to subdue the grand-narratives of capitalism and the Enlightenment in order to blast them both to the periphery of socio-economic existence. The point is not “only to interpret the world in various ways; the point…is to change it”. ((Karl Marx, “Theses on Feuerbach”, The Marx-Engels Reader, ed. Robert C. Tucker (New York, New York: W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., 1978) 145.)) As David Harvey correctly states, “capitalism will never fall on its own, it will have to be pushed. The accumulation of capital will never cease, it will have to be stopped”, ((David Harvey, The Enigma of Capital, (Oxford, United-Kingdom: Oxford University Press, 2010) 260.)) meaning that no matter how much capitalism is accelerated it will never malfunction as leftist accelerationist argue. However, it may turn into a fascist dictatorship as rightist accelerationist argue, which is utterly horrific. The same diagnostic applies for the Enlightenment. It will not detonate sky-high on its own. It will have to be abolished outright in the name of a multi-level, poly-rationality. Any notion that the Enlightenment can be rehabilitated and perfected, with or without capitalism, is utter delusion in the sense that the “Enlightenment is [inherently] totalitarian” ((Max Horkheimer and Theodor Adorno, Dialectic of Enlightenment, Trans. John Cumming (New York: Continuum, 2000) 6.)) due to the fact that the “Enlightenment behaves toward things as a dictator toward men…in so far as [it] manipulate them”, ((Ibid, p. 9.)) according to its own mercenary, instrumental objectives. Consequently, right-wing and left-wing accelerationism inevitably lead to totalitarianism. Therefore, it is naïve of left/right accelerationists to think that totalitarianism could ever be more productive, more safe, and more stable, than democratic-state-capitalism, since any faith in the reductive powers of instrumental-rationality is the “reversion of … civilization to barbarism”, ((Ibid, p. xvi.)) whether this is a totalitarian corporate-fascist-state or a totalitarian-socialist-state.

Accelerationism, from the left and from the right, is mythical Enlightenment nonsense, whereupon “thinking objectifies itself to become an automatic, self-activating process; an impersonation of the machine”. ((Ibid, p. 25.)) It is the reduction of humans to inert mechanical processes and binary digits. It is the fetishism of machinery elevated to the point where “the [rational] spirit becomes the very apparatus of domination”. ((Ibid, p. 36.)) As long as faith in the Enlightenment persists, any type of accelerationism leads to totalitarianism, totalitarian-socialism from the left, and totalitarian-corporate-fascism from the right. Either/or, both left and right accelerationism result in the despotic enslavement of millions, despite the fact that “the Enlightenment has always aimed at liberating men from fear and establishing their sovereignty. The fully enlightened earth radiates disaster triumphant”. ((Ibid, p. 3.)) Therefore, whether from the left and/or the right of the political-economic spectrum, unless the meta-narratives of capitalism and the Enlightenment are jettisoned, maximum autonomy and a certain level of socio-economic stability will never be effectively achieved due to the fact that instrumental-rationality reduces the world and human existence to “total schematization” ((Ibid, p. 35.)) because “the essence of Enlightenment [is]… domination”. ((Ibid, p. 32.))

Left/right accelerationism are two sides of the same Enlightenment coin, two-sides enacting the meta-narrative of capitalism, the crown-jewel of the dialectic of the Enlightenment, from the two opposing, inherent polarities of the Enlightenment. One is pitching the bright-side of Enlightenment ideals, without capitalism, side-stepping the Enlightenment nightmares of 20th century, specifically totalitarian-socialism/communism. And the other is pitching the dark-side of the Enlightenment ideals, expressing a death-wish for totalitarian corporate-fascism in order to engender total safety, total stability, and the total reduction of humanity to calculability; i.e., where “formal logic… provides the Enlightenment…with the schema of the calculability of the world…[upon which] number is the [ultimate] canon”. ((Ibid, p. 7.))

Either/or, both lead to despotism and domination, totalitarian-fascism and/or totalitarian-communism. Both left/right accelerationism is deception and trickery, systematic nonsense, designed to further the meta-narrative of Enlightenment and by de facto, traditional capitalist myths through the dialectic of Enlightenment, which “with every step becomes more deeply engulfed in mythology”, ((Ibid, p. 12.)) via the tit-for-tat, spinning oscillation inherent in the Enlightenment dialectic. The point is to dispose of all this; i.e., both the meta-narrative of Enlightenment and the meta-narrative of capitalism, so as not to encourage these meta-narratives in new fashionable disguises like left/right accelerationism.

Therefore, the post-modern project is not complete. It is not “un fait accompli”. Because, the post-modern project has not reached its revolutionary zenith, that is, it has not yet done away with both the Enlightenment and capitalism simultaneously and ubiquitously. It has not disassembled the grand-narratives of Enlightenment and capitalism, which continue to dominate and exploit the sum of human existence, in various forms and formats, like the form and format of left/right accelerationism. Consequently, it is imperative that humans jettison the Enlightenment and its meta-narratives, especially capitalism, which continue to fester both in right-wing and in left-wing styles of Enlightenment thinking. In sum, people must embrace the true revolutionary option, outside the Enlightenment and the meta-narrative of capitalism, due to the fact that this third revolutionary option is the one which actually leads out of the conceptual and material iron cage of the Enlightenment and its degenerate, capitalist progenies.

This third revolutionary option, which first reared its head with the advent of post-modernity and its mild incredulity towards meta-narratives, is a form of radical post-modernity beyond post-modernity. This third revolutionary option is the reinvigoration of the mild, post-modern, incredulity towards meta-narrative in its most avant-garde and poignant form. That is, it is a radical, revolutionary incredulity towards meta-narratives, specifically capitalism and the Enlightenment, which includes all their sly strains of thought, which spawn from the capitalist fanaticism for profit and the Enlightenment fanaticism for reductive instrumentalism; i.e., instrumental-rationality:

The Enlightenment promised the ideal that as people became more educated they would become more civilized and democratic. This has been shattered in the sense that as people have become more educated, they have become more suspect in relation to the workings of democratic-state-capitalism, the ruling, micro-fascist, oligarchical networks, and most importantly, their own neighbors. The reason is a strict emphasis on instrumental-rationality. As a result, humans have become more and more subject to domination and discipline, both by democratic-state-capitalism and their fellow citizens. In sum, the Enlightenment is totalitarian despotism and domination, par excellence. [Moreover] capitalist exploitation and domination has gone global and increasingly subjugates the micro-recesses of everyday life. Wherefore, the military-industrial-complex is now a totalitarian socio-economic formation, instrumentally engineered to maintain financial inequality, corporate feudalism, and the ruling,  micro-fascist, oligarchical networks; i.e., the capitalist status quo, indefinitely. ((Michel Luc Bellemare, The Structural-Anarchism Manifesto: (The Logic of Structural-Anarchism Versus The Logic of Capitalism), (Montréal: Blacksatin Publications Inc., 2016) 33.a) -33.b).))

Indeed, the Enlightenment and capitalism initially meant the liberation of the rational spirit through a stern focus on instrumental-rationality, but instead, this has led increasingly into capitalist domination and enslavement, pertaining to the profit-making imperative of capitalism and the functionalist imperatives of the Enlightenment. The result is an ever-increasing rational subjugation of humanity by capitalism and the Enlightenment through such Machiavellian cults as left and right accelerationism. Left/right accelerationism is a symptom and/or a by-product of the dialectic of Enlightenment and the meta-narrative of capitalism. Both represent Enlightenment mythology in different guises and both yearn to realize one of the two forms of totalitarianism derived from the two-sided polarity of the dialectic of Enlightenment.

For this reason, the post-modern project is not over as it has yet to reach its real revolutionary zenith, whereupon, even the meta-ideals of capitalism and the Enlightenment shall be overthrown in the name of real plurality, namely, classless, socio-economic plurality. That is, an open-participatory republic/federation founded on basic financial guarantees for all, including the elimination of financial inequality, corporate feudalism and capitalist hierarchy, namely, instrumental-rationality as the foundation-stone for all socio-economic organization, left and right. The aim is to install a post-modern, multi-level, poly-rationality, capable of stimulating multi-dimensional, open-ended, socio-economic organizations, which maximize autonomy, socio-economic stability and positive, political-economic differences.

What the left/right accelerationists fail to understand is that machinery embodies, reflects, and functions, according to the ruling ideologies, which brought this machinery to life. Ruling ideologies give machinery purpose, meaning and value. Ruling ideologies guide technology and technological-evolution along certain parameters and lines of thought, limiting technological understanding and the human imagination to certain pre-conceived logical conclusions, that is, conclusions engineered via the ruling ideologies, which limit long-term, technological-evolution, due to a certain reductive, capitalist homogeneity. As a result, according to Horkheimer and Adorno, there is a “stunting of …the imagination…[wherefore] no scope is left for the imagination”, ((Max Horkheimer and Theodor Adorno, Dialectic of Enlightenment, Trans. John Cumming (New York: Continuum, 2000) 126-127.)), other than the reductive, limiting, scope sanctioned and established, by the instrumental-rationality of capitalism and the Enlightenment.  Indeed:

Ideational comprehensive frameworks [i.e. ideologies] are the logics by which humans and things function and operate; they guide them, inform them, stimulate them, and make them move in all sorts of ways and fashions, both conceptually and materially etc., since, ideational comprehensive frameworks are the logics by which humans and things acquire method, meaning and purpose. ((Michel Luc Bellemare, The Structural-Anarchism Manifesto: (The Logic of Structural-Anarchism Versus The Logic of Capitalism), (Montréal: Blacksatin Publications Inc., 2016) d).))

Different ideologies produce different technologies with different characteristics within different socio-economic parameters, inside different societies, resulting in different futurist conclusions and socio-economic developments; that is, different technological trajectories. As a result, a multi-level, poly-rationality, which is not reduced or condensed to strict scientific instrumental rational quantification can both dissolve the meta-narrative of the Enlightenment and the meta-narrative of capitalism simultaneously and ubiquitously, while establishing a vast, multi-dimensional, network/federation of political-economic variations and differences. That is, a structural-anarchism-complex, stitched loosely together, like patchwork, via a new Post-Enlightenment, post-capitalism logic; i.e., the logic of structural-anarchism, namely, poly-rationality.

As a result, capitalism, being the ruling socio-economic ideology for the last 250 years, ruling in concert with the instrumental-rationality of the Enlightenment, has meant the fact that all machinery reflects, obeys, and functions according to the capitalist ideology. The result has been the limiting of logical analysis and the human imagination to certain pre-determined parameters and conclusions, concerning the future of society and the future of machine technological-evolution. Unless people completely jettison the meta-narrative of the Enlightenment, especially capitalism, and embrace a radical incredulity towards all meta-narratives, people cannot escape capitalism and by default the Enlightenment, no matter how fast and accelerated things are and/or get. The reason is the fact that the “Enlightenment [has] always been a tool for the great manipulators of government”, ((Max Horkheimer and Theodor Adorno, Dialectic of Enlightenment, Trans. John Cumming (New York: Continuum, 2000) 44.)) whereupon, in the end, Enlightenment ideals for “the liberation of forces, universal freedom [and] self-determination”, ((Ibid, p. 93.)) ultimately turn into ideological enslavement and domination. That is, capitalism and Enlightenment become “whole deception of the masses”. ((Ibid, p. 42.))

The point is not to accelerate capitalist machinery, that is, the capitalist mechanical ideology at the center of this capitalist machinery, somehow thinking that accelerated capitalist technology will bring forth new social relations and/or a new mode of production through the downfall of capitalism or the Enlightenment, either through the advent of a corporate-totalitarian-capitalism and/or the advent of a totalitarian-techno-communist-utopia. The logic of capitalism is set in stone; i.e., “to maximize profit, by any means necessary, at the lowest financial cost, as soon as possible”. ((Michel Luc Bellemare, The Structural-Anarchism Manifesto: (The Logic of Structural-Anarchism Versus The Logic of Capitalism), (Montréal: Blacksatin Publications Inc., 2016) 26.h).)) Thus, capitalism thrives on speed and acceleration in the sense that its inherent nature is to attain an ultimate level of unregulated, unfettered-ness, as soon as possible, devoid of all considerations about the well-being of workforce/population. As a result:

Capitalism unfettered and unbound strives for an ironclad…military-industrial-complex, that is, a form of socio-economic organization where control, surveillance and work in the service of surplus value extraction and accumulation is paramount, highly functionalist, highly technocratic and highly regimented. ((Ibid, p. 27.a).))

It does not need acceleration as its inherent instrumental nature is about acceleration. Moreover, this fundamental fact about capitalism means that the logic of capitalism has no escape velocity. It has no exits, unless its intrinsic, exploitive logic; i.e., instrumental-rationality, is detonated sky-high, inside its own repressive, capitalist parameters, which are, themselves, fused with the ideals of the Enlightenment. Accelerating the logic of capitalism, as the left/right accelerationist command, accelerates in turn capitalist exploitation, capitalist domination and capitalist immiseration increasingly to new heights and new degrading, humiliations. This is the essence of instrumental-rationality, the complete systemization of humans and the world, without options, without differences, without any social change, perfectly stratified and perfectly hierarchized, according to the underlying ideals and logic of the Enlightenment and capitalism. As Horkheimer and Adorno state, “the technical and social tendencies [of the Enlightenment and capitalism], always interwoven, [forever] converge in the total schematization of men”. ((Max Horkheimer and Theodor Adorno, Dialectic of Enlightenment, Trans. John Cumming (New York: Continuum, 2000) 35.)) There is no escaping this fact. Thus both capitalism and the Enlightenment must be done away with. Such is the revolutionary zenith of the post-modern project.

The Enlightenment and the logic of capitalism give birth to many mechanical variations of themselves, their offspring wear many different masks, but underneath their seeming Enlightened nature, that is, instrumental-rationality, the same old capitalism permeates; i.e., “to maximize profit, by any means necessary, at the lowest financial cost, as soon as possible”. ((Michel Luc Bellemare, The Structural-Anarchism Manifesto: (The Logic of Structural-Anarchism Versus The Logic of Capitalism), (Montréal: Blacksatin Publications Inc., 2016)b).)). The reason is that the Enlightenment and “the logic of capitalism [are]… totalitarian [meta]-languages that design copies of [themselves], ad infinitum, a vast array of ideological facsimiles, both material and conceptual, which disseminate the logic of capitalism [and the Enlightenment] in various concealed and unconcealed forms”. ((Ibid, p. 17.b).)).

For example, left/right accelerationism is such a cunning, capitalist/Enlightenment facsimile, which beneath its fashionable veneer for ultimate speed, only perpetuates the logical imperatives of capitalism and Enlightenment in disguise, that is, their insatiable needs for total severance and unfettered detachment, devoid of any social responsibility. As a result, left and right accelerationism are the bastard children of the meta-narrative of capitalism and the Enlightenment, it is the meta-narrative of capitalism and the Enlightenment bringing forth, out of totalitarian, instrumental-rationality, this army of pseudo-revolutionaries, pseudo-luminaries, and pseudo-tech-gurus, both on the left and the right, in order to expand the enlightened capitalist dominion. And thus, this army of pseudo-revolutionaries, pseudo-luminaries and pseudo-tech-gurus are instrumentally designed to permeate the logic of capitalism, the crown-jewel of the Enlightenment, and the Enlightenment, itself, in various new forms and up-to-date styles, so as to maximize human subjugation and the accumulation and extraction of surplus value. Once again, the costs of these counterfeits fall unto the workforce/population, who, as always, pay through the nose.

Post-capitalism, in the accelerationist mold, is unattainable, and will come to relatively nothing, if it solely consists in accelerating the logic, the machinery and the mechanisms of capitalism to the Nth degree, without any fundamental, people’s revolution. And moreover, post-capitalism, in the accelerationist mold, is unattainable, and will come to relatively nothing if it insists on remaining under the umbrella of instrumental-rationality; i.e., the Enlightenment. Reanimating the Enlightenment in any shape and/or form, whether as a totalitarian fascist nightmare or as a totalitarian-communist techno-dystopia, plays into the hands of capitalism and the Enlightenment, furthering their inherent “nihilistic anti-life force”. ((Max Horkheimer and Theodor Adorno, Dialectic of Enlightenment, Trans. John Cumming (New York: Continuum, 2000) 44.)) The Enlightenment and its socio-economic meta-narrative; i.e., capitalism, are totalitarian and tend towards fascism, “economic coercion and the freedom to choose what is always [ideologically] the same”. ((Ibid, p.165-p. 167.))

From the left and/or the right, there is no escape velocity from this basic fact. Unless people jettison both the Enlightenment and its socio-economic meta-narrative called capitalism and embrace a radical, post-modern, incredulity for all meta-narratives, that is, capitalism and the Enlightenment, all is lost. All is lost because, as Horkheimer and Adorno state, “the irrationalism of totalitarian capitalism [and the Enlightenment], whose way of satisfying [human] needs has an objectified form [determined] by domination, which makes the satisfaction of [human] needs [all but] impossible,…tends towards the extermination of mankind”. ((Ibid. 55)). As a result, to accelerate this logic of domination to the Nth degree, as left/right accelerationists want, is lunacy, a lunacy, reeking of capitalist opportunism and social irresponsibility, a crime against humanity.

In reality, the only exit strategy out of capitalism and the Enlightenment, simultaneously and ubiquitously, is the radical application of the post-modern incredulity towards meta-narratives to the last standing meta-narratives of the Enlightenment and capitalism; i.e., instrumental-rationality, and this includes all its degenerate progenies curled-up on both sides of accelerationism and instrumental-rationality. The post-modern revolution is an anarchist revolution, founded on multi-varied, poly-rationality, without meta-narrative, without left/right accelerationism, without capitalism and Enlightenment ideals, dark and light. It is a radical form of post-modernity, which is both post-Enlightenment and post-capitalism combined, devoid of the cunning, instrumental horrors of both capitalism and the Enlightenment. As a result, the end of instrumental-rationality, capitalist and Enlightenment cannot transpire on meth-speed accelerationism, that is, any fantastic injections of methamphetamines admixed with liquid cocaine etc. Indeed:

Real history is the unfolding of the will to power, a convergence of mental and physical forces and/or logics, pitted against one another in a multiplicity of fluctuating, antagonistic and/or mutual-aid relationships, vying for contextual supremacy. Real history is a fiery molten crucible, anarchy, buried deep, beneath manufactured pseudo-history and superficiality, ever-ready to explode, unfold, by way of the revolutionary rabble. Purged and purified of capitalist modes and relations, real history will glisten, glisten through a new logical apparatus and paradigm. And, any small impetus can germinate and activate the people’s r(evolution). So, make haste… rabble-rouser, grab history, own it, and bend it to your will, less history slips between  your fingers into something other, something false, something that will wield real history against you from above. ((Michel Luc Bellemare, The Structural-Anarchism Manifesto: (The Logic of Structural-Anarchism Versus The Logic of Capitalism), (Montréal: Blacksatin Publications Inc., 2016) 72.e).))

Real history, real radical social change, germinates deep beneath the artificial veneer of capitalism and the Enlightenment. It germinates in the hearts and minds of the workforce/population, consciously and unconsciously, and nowhere else, certainly not in the titanium body of any machinery. And so, all told, the post-modern project is not complete; since “the self-inflicted, global-suicide of totalitarian-capitalism [and the Enlightenment, solely,] lies behind the blazing eyes of millions marching together, arm in arm over [the] cold metallic corpse, smashed to pieces under the militant boot of structural-anarchism, commanding IMMEDIATE COLLECTIVIST-ACTION!”. ((Ibid, p. 72.f).))

Michel Luc Bellemare's latest book, Techno-Capitalist-Feudalism, was published in September 2020. He is also the author of The Structural-Anarchism Manifesto: (The Logic of Structural-Anarchism Versus The Logic of Capitalism). Michel Luc is a member of the Metis Algonquin Nation of Ontario, Canada. Read other articles by Michel Luc.