My Heart

For the white cloud turning blue, going yellow, changing red and fuming black, my heart skips.
For the deep blue sea turning green, and dying brown, my heart marvels.
For the blue mountains going purple and appearing black, my heart wonders.

For the green land growing fallow, becoming thick forest, my heart ponders.
For the little children dying before teen, my heart bleeds.
For the youths doing drugs, ending in the asylum, my heart breaks.

For the adults living above freedom, going crazy, my heart tears.
For the oldies helplessly abandoned to die anyway, anyhow, and anytime my heart tears.
For the world becoming hell, right before our eyes, under our nose, O my heart breaks.

For God waiting further before helping out, O my hope cools, my faith faints.
O my heart breaks, my heart bleeds, my heart skips, my heart tears, my heart ponders, my heart marvels.

Ngozi Olivia Osuoha is a Nigerian poet/writer/thinker who has published over 180 poems in over 13 countries and featured in over 25 international anthologies. Her three poetry books and a coauthored poetry book are available on Amazon. Read other articles by Ngozi Olivia.