Far From Today

As I look at the world
I see pain and heartache,
and dismay presses down,
it’s not the visible cuts that worry,
it’s the wounds we don’t see,
the ones we cannot lick,
that drag us down.
It’s the scars within,
the broken and misshapen
that corrupt the soul most,
these are the greatest sin,
though some may deny it,
we all have flaws,
it’s the invisible defects,
the cracks inside,
the world neglects,
when we swerve to deflect
untold sorrow and pain.
Some portray a polished facade,
living a secular life still undiagnosed,
some have a false security,
forgetting we’re all in distress
at some point in this life,
for there’s no immunity-
no avoiding this mess,
we all will suffer some tragedy.
So make service to mankind the goal,
it will bring serenity and peace,
stay in the present, for it’s all we have,
and do not stray far from today,
forever is formed in the moments
we call today.

Pamela A. Corbett is a writer and teacher who lives in Bedford Hills, NY with her husband, three children, and their dog, Sofie. She loves to garden, read, and bike along the horse farms and reservoirs, and on Fire Island where there are no cars, just an abundance of nature. Her work has previously appeared in Haiku Journal, Boston Literary Magazine, The Journal of Classical Poets, and Prelude Magazine. She is currently working on a memoir about her mother. Read other articles by Pamela A..