The citi never sleeps

In Memoriam: DR (1915 - 2017)

My dad dead
In a box
Might lay
It was closed
So I cannot say
Some men
I’ve heard
They lived longer
Was it health
Or smell
‘Twas so much stronger.
The young who die
The old who live
Have no truth
Nor fortune to give
In pockets
With blood so deep
For gold
Even where worms creep
In the banks of the Hudson
Or the vaults on the Thames
The old of the Citi
Never sleep.

• Although DR was primarily associated with Chase, his cousin controlled the citi. In royal Europe millions have died in “sibling rivalry”. The close relation between George V, Wilhelm II and Nicholas II was just one example of the violence with which families can compete- usually at their servants’ and subjects’ expense.

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