A Vision

Missiles shooting
north south east west —
enemies everywhere,
the Homeland colonized by its own
now being ravaged by all
even its former subservients —
the destroyer noses for the bottom.

How brief the reign of empires –
on the daily map schoolchildren watch
as Germany’s black runs over
Europe’s many borders,
as Japan assaults Asia
the brave Chinese.

Now The United States
its rich and poor slaughtered equally
its bases all over the world lost
its navy loose on the seas
ordered to take revenge,
the most terrible ever.

Robert A. Davies published his first book of poems in 1955; since 1969 he has been writing seriously, but he has written up a storm in the years after his retirement from teaching and volunteer work in the community. Lately he has been focused on writing rather than doing readings or publishing in magazines off-line. He finds as much fun in writing as in walking in the woods. He can be reached at: rjdavies3@comcast.net.

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