Wake Up

I recently released this new track called Wake Up with Bobby Sanchez:

Here is the link to the music video:

Link to song:

Five months into Trump’s presidency, dropping the largest non nuclear bomb in history on Afghanistan and 525 years into the colonial system of what bell hooks deems “imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy” more people are finding themselves and each other to resist exploitation and destruction amidst rising fascism and ecological destruction. Although Wells Fargo, Chase, and multinationals continue to fund the leaking pipeline on indigenous land in North Dakota, people continue to organize.

In the middle of the largest prison system in planetary history where New Orleans alone is the most incarcerated area on earth with plantation style prisons built by confederates such as Angola Prison, people speak up. Amidst Trans people being killed and people of color being murdered by the state with no accountability from slave patrols to George Zimmerman calling police 46 times to report people of color before Trayvon was killed to Mike Brown laying in the sun to Sandra Bland to Philando Castile to Charleena Lyles. While the right wing seeks to build walls and shoot and stab people in the name of free speech, liberals blame Russia for their problems ignoring their wall street, prison industrial, migrant
enslaving, drone assassination programs and policies. This is what hip hop is for, spreading ideas, educating each other and coming together to fight oppression. Wake up…

Time is a hip-hop artist from Denver who has worked with Common, Kool Keith, Talib Kweli, and Xiu Xiu. Time is host of the Time Talks podcast, which discusses anarchist and critical theory, he is a journalist, and has published multiple articles with Noam Chomsky. Read other articles by Chris, or visit Chris's website.