If You Can, Do

Someone somewhere needs a prayer,
If you can, do pray for them,
Someone somewhere needs a miracle,
If you can, do give them.

Someone somewhere wishes,
If you can, command the stars to grant them,
Someone somewhere dreams,
If you can, paint their dream into reality.

Someone somewhere craves warmth wool fails to give,
If you can, do hug them,
Someone somewhere yearns belonging,
If you can, do take them in.

There is a lot of bad around,
If you can do any good, do,
There are many faces tear-stained,
If you can write smiles on them, please do.

Gerry Sikazwe is currently a student at the University of Zambia studying for a Bachelors degree in Adult Education. He manages his poetry page on Facebook, and his poems have been featured on Africanwriter.com and Mshikamano.com Read other articles by Gerry.