Death of Democracy

Standing in the shadows while Democracy dies
She struggles for air under blue and white skies
Smoke hides the truths masquerading as clouds
She’s caught in the illusion, acid rain melts her down

I take a step forward my hands grazing hers
Pull her from the storm, I feel the sting and the burn
My reality won’t be shaped won’t be bent and abused
I won’t cower to bullies content to create their own news

Controlling the narrative doesn’t make it right
But telling the truth always will Trump lies
This is my country as much as anyone’s
I have just as much cause to stand now, ‘fore she’s done

Before we throw dirt in her face
Before we etch 2017 on her grave
Before we mourn the end of her age
And bury Democracy, our fair lady

Bernette Sherman is an author of fiction, poetry, and inspiration. She is the author of Resist Persist, a book of poetry, Chosen: A Paranormal, Sci-fi, Dystopian Novel, and several additional titles Learn more about Bernette and her work at Read other articles by Bernette.