Village Politics

Bribery in royalty
Greed in chieftaincy
Deceit upon loyalty.

Cowardice in red cap
Ignorance in large map,
Illiteracy widening the gap.

The staff of injustice
The sandals of atrocity,
The belt of witchcraft.

Foolishness loves the liquor
Selfishness drinks to stupor
Betrayal sells the tutor.

Quarrels always fueled
Fights frequently mailed
Division broadly sealed.

Gang up buying the poor
Estrangement shutting the door
Blood spilling on the floor.

Blackmails openly booked
Scandals well cooked,
Rumours wisely hooked.

Truth becomes the trap
Trust remains a crap,
Honesty, the lost lap.

Diligence totally forgone
Competence thoroughly undone,
Negligence never gone.

Bravery getting dumped
Raped by slavery
Fakery greatly crowned.

Fairness turns the mourned
Freedom already drowned
Kindness never to be returned.

Stupidity donates himself
Anxiety chains herself,
Integrity murders itself.

The blind leading the seer
The lame chasing the deer,
The deaf training the trumpeter.

Anger quakes the rooms
Hatred glows and booms
Revenge, everywhere looms.

Boundaries everywhere
Poisons, here and there
Discrimination we all steer.

Enmity, the watchword
Discord, the dynasty
Unity decamps our world.

Agony behind the scar
Harmony beyond the star,
Matrimony buried deep far.

Backbiting and slandering
Defamation and propaganda,
Hatred begeting hate.

Village politics
Sold like narcotics
Enjoyed by lunatics.

Ngozi Olivia Osuoha is a Nigerian poet/writer/thinker who has published over 180 poems in over 13 countries and featured in over 25 international anthologies. Her three poetry books and a coauthored poetry book are available on Amazon. Read other articles by Ngozi Olivia.