The Light Within

Whether you cut me
with blade-like words,
Whether your male chauvinism
mocks my feminine dreams,
The light within me – the soul
will eternally be alive

I may bend, bleed
by your violent, manly blows
Your wickedness may smile
like a winner
but my Creator – the Divine
will always lift
the light within me
and again la tête haute
I will walk like
the Egyptian queen
O Cruel Man!
A disgrace to all gentlemen,
A shame to manhood,
Open your eyes,
Rise beyond your fake power,
Rest assured that your injustice
can never extinguish
the un-flickering light within
all women.

Vatsala Radhakeesoon is an author of various poetry books and an experimental abstract artist from Mauritius. She writes poetry in English, French, Mauritian Kroel and Hindu, and she has been selected as one of the poets for Guidi Gozzano Poetry contest from 2016 to 2020. She is a representative of Immagine and Poesia, an Italy-based literary movement uniting artists and poets’ works, and is one of the interview editors of the bi-annual online journal, Asian Signature. She lives in Mauritius where she works as a literary translator. Some of her books are available on her Amazon author page. Read other articles by Vatsala.