Hollow Eyes

The world is drowning in
fluoride tainted waters.
Poisoned with selfish intent,
seeping unrest through humanity.
Toxic potions of shallow vanities.
Media fashioned tunnel vision,
complacence clouded eyes.
Hollow thoughts, empty hearts.
Moths throw themselves
to the maddened flame
Stumbling cluelessly to a tune
led by pied piper callers.
Wolves clothed as sheep,
drawing the flock to the pit
I spit out the venom of treachery
that my sight remain clear
to keep the truths of love
in my unwavering heart;
To value human life,
aware it can not be weighed
on a political scale.

Nicole Surginer is a poet who simply writes what weighs on her heart with no attention to any particular style or genre Read other articles by Nicole.