Requiem To Peace

To seek you (peace) is an eternal wait
As drawing streams from dreary desert
Like dredging humanity from dried seabed
Of dead consciences, reeking of death

To find you is as empty;
As promises you make in a hollow space
That lost your presence long back

From Nehruvian epoch of Socialism
Till dynamics of Hindutva today,
You seem to have been glancing
In a wistful muse
Peeping from behind Chinar trees

From gleam of Nutbrown eyes
To shimmering Dal lakes
From scented whiff of Kahwas,
To rows of wooden Shikaaras,
From young Firans to lanky Achkans
Who sought a streak of bright Sun;
To blind eyes and crevices of wombs
Which crack with every sound of gun,

Not once, you winced or shrieked aloud
At wailing mothers, mourning on dead
And gaunt faces of senile fathers;
Whose lives are dim lit
Plummeting in receding rays of sunset

You lit up the hopeless hopes
Of half widows and half mothers
Who find their accomplishments
In quest of their spouses and sons

You seem to fancy the angst of youths
Who try to grab your tentacled hooks
In unidentified cesspools of blood
In pieces of flesh, in mutilated bodies

Of toddlers, in gauged eyes of civilians and soldiers
Agonised Kashmiriyat knows you though;

You march in a Caravan of diplomats
Whose words are sugary entanglements
That bind your fleeting silhouette
To elude in a blink of a swindler’s eye.

Tejasvi Saxena is a bilingual poet and writer, thinker and a photography enthusiast from New Delhi, India. His areas of interest include Art, Culture, Nature, Music, Books and Writing. His works have been published in Muse India, Visual Verse (Germany/UK ), Duane's PoeTree and is forthcoming in Tuck Magazine (Canada). Read other articles by Tejasvi.