“The New Scum”

Time and Ephelant’s “The New Scum” has been released as the first song from our upcoming album How To Sew Wounds With Words.  The album, itself, will be released on July 26, 2016.

Seth Tobocman, a political comic book artist known for his books such as War in the Neighborhood, World War 3, and Disaster and Resistance made the album cover.  Seth’s latest book “Len, A Lawyer in History” comes out August 2016.


The album is written like a diary entry confronting issues such as creativity, depression, anti-homeless legislation, inequality, foreclosures, environmental collapse, and police violence.

Time is a hip-hop artist from Denver who has worked with Common, Kool Keith, Talib Kweli, and Xiu Xiu. Time is host of the Time Talks podcast, which discusses anarchist and critical theory, he is a journalist, and has published multiple articles with Noam Chomsky. Read other articles by Chris, or visit Chris's website.