Portals Of Myth

Catch the fire
light it, man’s
primitive instinct
is at work, hair straggling
skin cloth, animal bearing
tusks, head horns
warming around fire
with the red meat slung
cross a pole
repeat this picture
saw it once, see it today
the meat has been replaced with
triggers, the hearth an office
or airport
repeat this picture
and see coffins, blood and gun shot
Man has come a long way
primal, primates to ascendant
evolutionary, revolutionary
repeat this picture
and catch man napping
in the arid portals of myth.

Ananya S Guha lives in Shillong in North East India. He has been writing and publishing poetry for the last thirty years, and his poetry has appeared in numerous online publications. He holds a doctoral on the novels of William Golding and currently is a senior academic in India's Indira Gandhi National Open University. Read other articles by Ananya S..