Assumption 77

As far as I am concerned
There are two types of gods/aliens!

One type believes in the swift progress
Of the humankind.
Other type believes in the slow progress
Of the humankind.

Trust me that both are really very good!

Because, they are GODS
Not FOOLS like us who fight and kill
Each other even for unthinking
But holiness–thrust–upon
(Four–legged) animals.

Okay, leave it …
But you will definitely think of that someday
When your sleeps leave you …

Because bitter undigested truths
Will grow like giant sequoias in you
And someday will pierce the placating sky
Of your holy–(boring)–verses programmed brain.

I tell you that seriously there is an iota
Of dilemma even in the modern human being.

For example, what if I tell you that
Jesus Christ/the super–dimensional being with alien DNA
Was sent by the latter gods/aliens
To create a new religion?

Because religion has many vices
(and an invisible paradigm shift too)…

It will hinder the progress of free thinking
It will divide human mind and kind
It will brand you with names unknown to humanism
It will manufacture duplicate men and duplicate women
To look at the sky and pray and pray and pray and just breed and die
It will give more importance to the dead ones’
Language/scriptures than the rational living.

It will create real terrorists who wear powerful suits
And walking saffron/white washed venomous–viruses,
Brain–washing machines & folly–faith–netting priests,

Ah, I know what you are thinking now
Don’t try to brand me as an atheist.

Seriously, I am not an atheist
Because I believe in the existence of a Creator
And I call him God, Bhagvan, Allah, Almighty,


Sanju Clement is a Promethean—poet—painter who hails from Kerala (India), land of gods, devils and monsoon too. His poetic and artistic invention is that he starts from the zonal heights of the light of Metaphorical Surrealism but he will land on the realistic feet of Metaphorical Realism, which truthfully mirrors in almost all of his poems and paintings. He is compiling his books of poesy on Love and Political/Protest poems. Read other articles by Sanju.