Verdict Overturned, 149 Times

(Author’s Note:  This is based on a University of Michigan Study showing 149 individuals were released in 2015 because they were improperly convicted. The Study was widely reported last week.)

Last year, in the
The Land of the Free,
149 prisoners released.

47 drug dealers weren’t.
54 murderers didn’t.
149 not guilty.

Oh, it’s probably true.
Some were technicaliteed free.
But– 149?

2/3 Minority
1/2 African American
Blind Justice? 149 times?

Frightened confessions from mentally handicapped,
Sobbing guilty pleas from kids,
For crimes they didn’t commit.

Averaging 15 years of life deprivation
Swinging and missing the verdict, 149 times
2 millennia of getting it wrong.

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