The Black Sheep

I am the black sheep,
I am the renegade,
Just waiting for my chance
to rebel.

I follow my own path
And I wait for no-one.
I am a stranger in my own land,
Because I am different.

What place is there for me
In this brave new world
Of spying eyes, electronic skies
and iron rules?

How can I live under
Metal birds that watch every move?
Bringing death to some
And a rotting cage to others.

So the black sheep
Still goes his own way, regardless,
Leaving the flock to go blindly
To its own slaughter.

Luke Eastwood is a writer, graphic designer and horticulturist, he also gained a BSc (Hons) in Business Computing Systems from City University, London. He continues to use computer technology for both work and pleasure. You can read more of his work at Read other articles by Luke, or visit Luke's website.