Where Did love Go?

Neo-liberal agendas
Crafted for new global royalty
To be on the same pages
Written in proletarian blood
Doing away with human rights
For subalterns, unions, middle classes,
And others deemed unnecessary
Increase state sanctioned killings of citizens
Erosion of democratic rights and freedoms
Privileged information for the elite
The planet can no longer support us all
Arrangements are being made
To begin the global clearances
Of the poor, elderly, mentally challenged,
Indigenous, poets, and any other group
Deemed expendable: ethnic cleansing,
Genocides, machete injustices, holocausts,
Democracy no longer applies!! (Bill C-51)
Contested and hard fought rights are gone!
The rules have changed
Society shifted to another level of depravity
Continue making robots to replace the working class
Down-size, cut back, roll back, out source,
Claw-back, cut-off, laid-off, screw off!
You ain’t seen nothing yet, comrades!
Windows of opportunity closed
You trusted bureaucrats, technocrats, politicians,
To protect your rights……wrong!
The illusion fast becoming a reality
Obama train leaving the station, red to the rear!
Can you believe it, Jeb Bush, stepping up to the plate!
The planet still reeling from the last bush whack (off)
Are you freaking kidding me, another Bush?
That’s the best that you have to offer?
Whoa, hold on, here comes a capitalist clown:
None other that Donald Trump-Card (you’re fired!)
Now you know that the world is screwed
If either one of these kids win the erection
President of the USA! Survival of the richest!
They will continue the global clearances of the poor/others
For they are seen as a liability to Corporate: “Americus”,
Canada, Britain, and all UN Nations, (Cuba’s looking good)
So much religion and so much death and suffering
Nothing has changed, only gotten worst! SHAME!

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : aroha5025@gmail.com/a>. Read other articles by Charles.