Help Me If You Can!

In case of complacency
Feeling bored
Apathetic, to the point of pathetic
Void of critical thought
Feeling light headed
Conformity setting in
Heart slowing down
No compassion for others
Before passing out
Into unconsciousness
Put a baby aspirin
Under your tongue
Reach for a beat poetry book
Read Ferlenghetti, Cohen, Ginsburg,
Emma Goldman, Kerouac, and others
Exercise caution, if
You are a neo-liberal
This could cause a stroke
If you start to feel like protesting,
Voting, becoming informed, than
The medicine is beginning to work
Side effects could include an increase
In humanly love for others
Critical thinking capabilities
An avoidance of neo-liberals
If you have an erection lasting
Four hours, experience multiple orgasms
High five your partner
For bringing joy into this war torn world
In order to facilitate an informed citizenship
Beat poetry books will be placed
Close to all fire alarms…
When feeling informed concerning
Global issues, please participate!
See a radical poet near you
And start the transformation process
Of becoming enlightened
Caution: you will never be the same again!
Do not operate heavy war machines, or
Participate in violence in any fashion
Not good for the soul! Do no harm.
Remember: Make love not War!!

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at :>. Read other articles by Charles.