Eye Witness

Every day I fight for justice
On all levels
A concept fast fleeting
Being co-opted by mass media
Controlled by dictators, and
Their hegemony cronies
At every structural level
Gate keepers of the oppressed
Ensuring they stay that way
Activists like myself
Are devalued, defamed, scorned,
Threatened, and destroyed
Seen clearly as a threat, but, yet,
We come in peace, cursed
With a strong sense of social justice
For all people to become self-actualized
Tears swell when I see children
Dying of hunger and diseases
The opposite of narcissists
Who continue gorging themselves
The opposite of those who murder
Innocent women and children
My eyes swell with tears
How can this be, where is the outcry?
I speak against injustices
Whenever it rears its ugly head
For that, I have been deemed an outlaw!
Like many before me: Mari, Che, Ferrari,
Gramsic, MLK, Debs, and many more
Who believed in the concept of freedom!
We can not help ourselves…
Fighting for justice is second nature
Being an ally to the oppressed
Is how we roll on a daily basis
Some may cuss us, but
We stand proud for social justice!
How can so many have so much, when
So few have so little?
Millions of children dying, women tortured/murdered
Genocides, invasions, casualties of war,
Residential school effects, millions homeless/country/less
The hope that we seek, to become revitalized/refocused
Is from the spirit of Fidel’s Revolution, shades of Che!
Chavez’s Venezuela, Morales, there is another way!!

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : aroha@shaw.ca. Read other articles by Charles.