Dead Proof

There it was on CNN
A video of a citizen being murdered
In cold blood!
By a white police officer
A Black man pulled over for
A minor vehicle infraction
In broad daylight, and
Soon tasered, panicked,
Turned away, started running from:
300 years of white terror; like
Slaves before him, KKK lynching’s,
Current police brutality,
I watched him run; he was a big man,
My neighbor, friend, earthling,
We watch in horror as the policeman
Quickly drew his revolver, with
No verbal warnings to stop, or
A warning shot, he stood,
As if at the target range, and
In quick session, fired eight shots into
The back of a Black man, watching
In horror as he flinched from each gunshot
Entering his body, than falling onto his knees, and
Onto his face dead!
The policeman went over and handcuffed a dead man
No trying to revive him, no CPR, just a murderer
Standing over his prey, no emotions,
Taking this opportunity to stage the scene
Had it not been for the brave citizen
Who risked his life to video this horrific scene,
It would have been business as usual, another
Black man framed and shot or strangled dead.
If one looks closely at the video,
As our friend falls to his knees, I believe,
I saw a bag of skittles fall out of his pocket!!
My soul is still reeling over witnessing
This tragic murder, and after hearing from his family,
I can only do what poet’s do,
Cry, turning tears into ink, my soul into words,
Always yours for a just and civil society
As another Black man sits beside the seat of God
Who ran from a policeman in the USA.

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.