This Is Edmund!


In a car with fins
leopard upholstery
slithering shut roof,
in a flash of yellow
the lovers arrived.
Today he sees Edmund
stereotypically gay:
animated swish
a definite lisp
thinning long hair.
His happy introduction!


His mother’s eyes met his
he could see her rage
let loose when Edmund had left.
Upstairs in his mother’s room
Degenerate! she kicked
with her sharp pointed shoes.
He stayed there a long time
after she walked away.


So many out-late nights
lies of omission
his many hints
the years’ pieces assembled,
it had come to his mother in a flash.

Robert A. Davies is the author of Timber, Moons and Mendelssohn and Bluff Hollow. His poems have appeared recently in Counterpunch, Hollywood Progressive and Windfall. Robert can be reached at Read other articles by Robert A..