Mutiny on Planet Bounty

Sociopaths do the bidding
Of psychopaths, similar in nature
Ruthless and self-serving
Everyone/thing here to exploit
Seeking positions of power/control
Psychopaths are republicans,
Corporate CEO’s, military commanders
Sociopaths are mercenaries, police,
The ones who take pleasure in:
Torturing, raping, killing innocent citizens,
At one time they wore bed sheets, now
Murder in broad daylight is allowed
Obama election wins
Caused a controversy in the USA
The sleeping electorate has risen
Believing their vote counts,
This momentum is alive and growing
There is hope in the air!
The 98% has mobilized, and the
Anti-social personality disordered
Feels threatened, thus
Becomes more dangerous of the thought
Of losing power/control
The thing psychopath’s fear, like
What a Mongoose is to a Cobra.
War/fear mongering nationally and internationally
On the increase, attacking unions, public executions
By police of innocent citizens, mad dog mentality,
Republican senator’s gone rogue.
Knowing they will never win another election
They are too hateful and the masses awakened
By the sounds of gunfire, smell of smoke, and
Innocent citizens lying dead in our good streets
War, mayhem, rape, chaos, fear, propaganda,
Is the landscape of master manipulators/psychopaths
We have them on the run, exposed for what they are:
Enemies of the people/planet and their allies
“Bad people prevail when good ones do nothing.”
Our change by ballots, theirs by bullets!
Imagine global possibilities when the 98%
Of the planet take control of governments:
Peace will abound, self-actualization a reality
A dream worth marching for, comrades.

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.