Gramsic’s Wish

Worker’s jamming gears
Running trains
Building skyscrapers
(Corporate temples/castles)
Blue and white collar tears
Working 24/7, providing for
Families and communities
No hidden agendas.
Unlike greedy politicians
And the corporate junta
Vatican laundering mafia money
Fondling people’s jewels, and
Harming little children
Religious zealots
Scream for more blood of the “others”
Harper makes racist comments
Fear/war mongering, like
His republican tea-baggers
Operation “Orientalism”
Continues with Canada at its side
Saber rattling in sand dooms
More boots on the ground,
Drones and combat jets in the air
Let’s shock and awe them good!
Creating a toxic smoke screen
Trying to win the next election,
Sooth sayer and modern day oracle
Leonard Cohen, warns us in his songs:
“Democracy is coming to the USA,
First we take Washington, next, Ottawa.”
Hawks are circling desperately
While workers live up
To their end of the bargain
Unions organizing, people marching in the streets,
Social media has set us free
The masses are awakening,
Questioning everything, amen!
Democracy is back again,
Collective bargaining a new contract
On people’s earth, not corporate earth!
No more killing of women and children
Put our feet in the dirt, instead of,
Boots on the ground!!

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at :>. Read other articles by Charles.