Get Real

Turn off your TV sets
Spewing useless gossip
Designed to make the proletarian
Feel useless, and less than…
Movie stars and entertainers
Exploited to sell materialism
Prostituting themselves
For capitol gain
Until they become of no use
Discarded like a three dollar bill
Take to the streets, and
Reclaim your cities
Become a social activist
Get to know the homeless
Because the elite
Sure as hell don’t know you!
Police gun down mentally challenged;
Black Americans, Hispanics,
Activists and union brothers and sisters
Deemed terrorists by right-wing (nuts)
They will come for you next my friends
Just you wait and see
There will be no Dr. Phil or Oprah
Calling out your name
You can take that to the (food) bank
TV land is incestuous,
Acting like they know all the answers
Because they are privileged,
The truth be known,
Your next door neighbor
Has the right answers, and
So does the average working folk
This is our planet
We should start acting like we own it:
No more wars, poverty, genocides,
Rainforest depletion, corruption,
Time corporate and government clowns
Are put on notice: we’re the 98%
Screw organized sports and talk show games
Get into the real game!
We have a planet to save; every one is worthy
Write letters, protest, March, rejoice, recite, resist,
We can reclaim our planet one community at a time.
Right where you are is where you’re supposed to be.

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.