Zombie Country

Britain is now a zombie country – not so much a country of zombies, but a zombie itself. A zombie is a dead thing that doesn’t know it’s dead, but which is still capable of being controlled by evil wizards to wreak havoc. You can’t rescue zombies because you can’t bring dead things back to life; you can only render their controllers harmless, let the corpse finally rest in peace, and then begin again by creating new life, starting from scratch. And that’s exactly what we’ve got to do: start again, from scratch.

Britain isn’t the only zombie country in the world, there are quite a few. The good news is that the people of some of these places have already rescued themselves – like in Iceland, and others are now in a reasonable position to do so — like in Greece. But here in Britain that awareness is not yet sufficiently widespread. Here in Britain there are still far too many who don’t yet realise that they’re living in a zombie country – that’s why it’s still in that condition.

It’s difficult to know when exactly Britain died. It happened sometime after Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister and sometime before Tony Blair left office. Although critically ill and on life-support when Tony Blair came to power in 1997, there was still an outside chance the patient could recover. That was what the British people hoped for and believed would happen. But it didn’t. The Blair government chose instead to unplug the life-support machine – and then rifle the corpse’s pockets.

Here in Britain there are still far too many who don’t yet realise that they’re living in a zombie country – because so many of us have been brought up to think of Britain as a “great” country due to a process which, when performed by the controllers of other countries, is usually called brainwashing – so it seems ridiculous to see Britain as anything different from what we’ve been conditioned to see. But it is something different: it’s a zombie. The evidence is plentiful and indisputable.

The simplest place to start is at the beginning.

Britain’s so-called greatness was achieved through three different but related methods – neither of which were pleasant or anything to be proud of, and certainly not “great”. Britain’s so-called greatness was achieved by firstly looting the resources of the rest of the planet, then converting those resources into manufactured goods in British factories, and then finally forcing other nations to purchase those goods at the barrel of a gun, of one sort or another. In Britain’s defence, as far as this process is concerned, it was not significantly different to most of its European neighbours. The Spanish did something similar, as did the Portuguese, French, and Dutch. In Britain’s defence, it was very much a case of do others before they can do you. It’s a model which the New Empire has not only copied, but has also polished and perfected. So the hard, inescapable fact of the matter is that Britain’s so-called greatness was attained not by glorious achievements, heroic self-sacrifice and sheer hard work – as we’ve been taught; it was achieved through mass murder, global theft, extortion, bribery, slavery and corruption. If there is a single so-called “stately home” or holy cathedral anywhere in the British Isles that was not built from the profits of these crimes I would dearly like to know where it is.

And those were the good times.

Today Britain no longer has an empire to terrorise and plunder. And thanks to the sterling efforts of the Thatcher and Blair governments the many and massive factories that once converted looted resources from every corner of the empire into highly profitable products of every description, and which employed millions of Britons to do so are, with few exceptions, no more.

Today Britain’s most successful export product is war. As one of the largest manufacturers of weapons of war in the world it’s deemed to be in the nation’s best interests to ensure that war is a permanently growing industry. As the great Eduardo Galeano once put it “The countries that sell the world the most weapons [one of which is Britain] are the same ones in charge of world peace. Fortunately for them, the threat of world peace is receding.” ((Upside Down – by Eduardo Galeano – p. 113)) The only employer with so many jobs available they need to be advertised almost nightly on TV is our armed forces. Whilst every other public service is being decimated in the sacred name of “austerity”, there never seems to be a shortage of funds to pay for the nation’s legitimised killers. These people, who specialise mainly in murdering those who are incapable of defending themselves, are hailed throughout the realm as “heroes”, heroically serving the ambitions of big business, paid for by the taxpayer, together with other specialist taxpayer-funded professionals such as the so-called “intelligence” agencies who use their centuries of accumulated wisdom and knowhow to provoke wars where none previously existed. It’s a hugely parasitic relationship whereby big business, generals and spooks all enrich themselves at taxpayer expense; and the defenceless innocent bury the “collateral damage” in genocidal quantities.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Helping the New Empire to maintain Permanent War is luckily not Britain’s only income, as we’re capable of multi-tasking. There’s also the fabulous wealth of “The City”. Although this so-called wealth is mostly illusory, comprising pretend-money that exists only in cyber-space and which is based only on the frothy foam of a multitude of worthless cyber-bubbles carefully crafted by suited spivs, each of whom take home more money than several dozen real workers – the people whose labour keeps society alive – this pretend-wealth is nevertheless used to generate the illusion that Britain is still an economically viable country.

However, people who really know about these things know the real truth: Britain is bankrupt: it has no real assets, goods or services equal in value to the massive debts accumulating daily in “The City”; and it has no chance in the foreseeable future of obtaining or generating those real assets, goods or services – because Britain no longer has an empire of its own to plunder, and it no longer has a manufacturing base to make anything worth selling – apart from killing machines.

Behold the corpse of Britain.

But a corpse is not a zombie. A zombie is a corpse that’s been dug up by evil wizards and turned into a species of automaton, capable of wreaking massive death and destruction.

The evil wizards that turned the corpse of Britain into a zombie are the powerful controllers of the New Empire. They comprise a handful of mighty bankers, generals, corporate executives and the political enablers who legitimize the whims and wishes of the wizards. It suits these people well to continue to use the corpse of the Old Empire to continue to influence and beguile those who were once in thrall to it — not least of whom are the British people themselves.

This is the new reality of Britain, which British people need to learn and understand before the zombie can be properly laid to rest and new life may begin.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. There is a faint glow at the end of the long dark tunnel in which we’re trapped with the zombie, and the glow is Green.

The Green movement is doing for Britain what Podemos is doing in Spain, and what Syriza has already done in Greece. There is, needless to say, a very long way to go. The zombie is immensely powerful and will not easily be laid to rest; but the Green movement seems up for the challenge. Its leader, Natalie Bennett, recently scandalised the snoozing nation by offering to accommodate the queen in a council house, if necessary; and that if people wanted to belong to “terrorist” organisations they should be free to do so.  Neither of these opinions are of themselves outrageous. After all, it’s very unlikely the queen will ever need to live in a council house – but should indeed have one if necessary (like any other British citizen); and as for people belonging to or supporting terrorist organisations… well, to ban such practices would mean scrapping the entire British armed forces, the so-called “intelligence” services and much of the police – all of whom have long been engaged in — or complicit in — terrorist activities; and closing down most media outlets (which support the New Empire – the biggest terrorist organisation in the world – and its terrorist lackeys such as the Zionist controllers of Occupied Palestine). So Natalie Bennett’s remarks were not really that shocking. Supporting terrorism is what Britain does best. So although a real crackdown on supporters of terrorism would be great, it’s pretty unlikely in the near future.

The Greens have also long led the way in campaigning for protection and preservation of the environment – which is, of course, absolutely essential; and they have a progressive social and economic platform that completely reverses the direction pursued relentlessly for over three decades by the two stooges of the New Empire – Tory and Labour governments alike. The Greens are now officially the third largest political party in Britain and, just like Syriza and Podemos, suggest that the snoozing giant of the European people is slowly waking up.

And not before time.

For although Britain is a zombie country it’s not very different in that respect from much of Europe. Much of Europe has a similar history to Britain, being built on a combination of plunder by now-defunct empires, together with products from manufacturing centres whose labour has now been out-sourced to third-world sweatshops whose profits have been buried in a myriad of off-shore treasure islands, and corrupt “financial services” — all of which shady shenanigans are given cloaks of legitimacy by bought and paid for politicians.

Much of this damage has been carried out over the last three or four decades. Although some European countries may still be able to recover – such as Germany, Switzerland and Scandinavia – Britain cannot. It can only start again. The faint Green glimmer at the end of the long dark tunnel offers some hope, not so much because of a comprehensively radical agenda that could completely transform Britain, but because of the fact that it is now Britain’s third largest political movement. At long last, the people are slowly getting it. The zombie could finally be laid to rest.

John Andrews is a writer and political activist based in England. His latest booklet is entitled EnMo Economics. Other Non-Fiction books by John are: The People's Constitution (2018 Edition); and The School of Kindness (2018 Edition); and his historical novel The Road to Emily Bay Read other articles by John.