Double Standards!

Wage Rises ‘cause inflation’ but,
Share Dividends fund wealth;
Executive large Pay awards,
Show rude investment health.
High Salaries ‘incentivise’,
Share Pay outs ‘motivate’;
But Pay Claims prove that workers lives
Are far too profligate!

The Bosses bonuses are good,
But workers good pay’s bad;
As profits then will go downhill,
Which makes the wealthy sad!
The Stock Exchange invests their cash,
And Bankers help it grow;
By taking all the money stock,
And helping it to flow.

Inducements only are a spur,
If you’re a rich Celeb;
A Honcho or Executive,
But not a lowly pleb. ((A derogatory aristocratic description of a worker.))
Us working folk, we only need
A patriotic call;
To make us rapidly forget,
That we possess sod-all

Richard is a poet and amateur blues harmonica player who lives in the seaside town of Clacton on England's east coast. He's had approximately 70 poems published in England and Wales as well as a number of articles. He can be reached at: Read other articles by Richard.