Clown Warfare

Announcement in the paper stated:
There will be a further reduction of workers
Due to the advancement of robots
Millions more left to find a way to live
In this capitalist world
If you don’t work you are lazy;
A burden on society;
No good, no better than vermin!
Instead of creating jobs or
Bringing them back from foreign countries
Where they pay no taxes or worry about safety codes
The corporate clowns continue taking
Bail-out money devising diabolical plans
Of making super robots, metal scabs
Have no need of unions, wages, benefits, or safety rules
Over 35 million homeless in the USA,
Constant fight for social programs
More prisons than any country in the world,
Outright executions of citizens by psychopaths in suits
In broad daylight, three strikes and you are out
Spending trillions on star-wars and the military
Millions spent on archeological digs
To see what folks were doing hundreds of years ago?
What about the folks living today?
Millions of workers losing jobs
Undermined by social policies by stealth
Designed to increase corporate wealth
Where does the working class go?
A new form of evil has taken hold comrades
Designed to do away with our struggles
Over the ages striking for decent wages!
Cities have mercenaries and “scabs” for police,
Swat squads, urban tanks, and Hummers.
For the elite know that the working classes
Will not go down without a fight!
Time for the rank and file to mobilize,
The complacent must go…organize!
Continue to occupy, protest, and march.
We can breathe and Charlie is our name
We’re better than any robot ever made
We’re the working class of the world
And we’re here to stay!!

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.