Pencils in Paris

I love the Parisians
They know how to protest
After all, they had a revolution, and
Royal heads did roll
Terrorists massacred cartoonists
Who dared made fun of Mohammed
Freedom of the press comes with a price tag
Just another terrorist attack
A political/religious axe to grind
Some say an attack on free speech?
Really, the biggest attack on free speech
Is by corporate owned media
Meanstream presses, who
Undermine the voices of the people
In favor of the global royalty!
Three misguided buffoons
Who sadly executed some funny guys
Is nothing compared to the assault on democracy
By corporate owned news media
Holding hostage, the truth! ( Said’s Orientalism)
Millions of innocent women, children, and citizens
Murdered by imperialist forces in the Middle East
For decades, truth hidden by elite presses
Heads are now rolling in the dessert
By equally deranged men
Getting back at the genocide for oil!
Lone wolf attacks around the world
Designed for shock value
Showing how unstable earthlings have become
Mental illness, add religious zealots, mix with gun powder
And you have a terrorist!
Axes, knives, old rifles, alone, sad, mad,
What the hell, let’s attack a cop….
The planet is in pain,
I am Charlie and I can’t breathe………..

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at :>. Read other articles by Charles.