Planet Take Back

Millions cosmic meditating for peace
Planet mindfulness
Sending vibrations throughout the universe
To save remaining species
From impending extinction
Imagine a planet coming together
In peace and harmony
Causing an enlightening storm
Of new possibilities
Discarding old ways of patriarchy control,
Wars, genocides, weapons of mass destruction,
Killing the “others” corporate greed, misogyny,
Star wars, poverty, police brutality……all gone!
Envision peace, love, freedom, education,
Respect, brotherly and sisterly love,
Saving a planet from corporate greed
Treating it like a wondrous garden
Capable of feeding everyone,
Allowing us to reach
Our true potential, self-actualization…
We have it in us, rethink the brainwashing!
We are all worthy of respect, and
Needed to reach our full authentic bloom
Believe with all your heart, and
It will become a reality
Then and only then will the universe
Truly come together, and
Bring us a new reality beyond
Our possible earthly comprehension
Needed to rejuvenate Mother Earth
Enlighten us beyond our wildest imagination
Meditate, breath, envision, 11:11, 11, 11, 11.
Let your mantra be: love is all we need
Think only glorious thoughts,
Together, in unison, smile, glow,
You know it can be done,
Has to be done, no other options,
Transcends all earthly paradigms and pedagogies
These are times of answered prayers and miracles
We are shifting to a new conscious reality (2015)
Applied universal love will shut down the unloving!
They will wilt and be turned to dust,
Their weapons to ploughshares…

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.