A Way of Living

Zionists on the march, stop at nothing and do everything,
everything and all they could and needed to do,
to conquer those great beacons of corruptible power…
All for the Zionist cause.

Always claiming righteous principles in moral law,
while paradoxically sacrificing whatever it took,
to influence human minds by twisting the truth…
All for the Zionist cause.

Pro-Zionist government agents willingly enlist for the cause,
discarding Loyalty Oaths sworn on American soil,
they march working as agents for their favored foreign state.
All for the Zionist cause.

News moguls joined Zionist un-truth campaigns,
sacrificing truth as they themselves knew it before and now,
the absolute truth, and no less they willingly did sacrifice.
All for the Zionist cause.

U.S. government agents with media shills and Zionist friends,
all together they incessantly recited propagandistic lies,
straight from the official Zionist Hasbara book of excuses.
All for the Zionist cause.

Through concerted effort they all conspired and co-conspired alike,
soiling themselves while wrapping the truth in deceit,
while they wash each-other’s hands in an orgy of Palestinian blood.
All for the Zionist cause.

Each sacrificing for their own selfish reasons,
special reasons for very special, special people indeed,
with special rights for confiscating the lives of innocent others.
And the Zionist project goes on.

Zionists wanted all the Palestinian lands that’s all,
and all the Palestinians gone from their own land.
And that’s not all, but it’s all so necessary and logical…
As the Zionist project must go on.

Civilized people deceptively manipulated by the uncivilized,
who commit war crimes saying these are no crimes at all,
like war crimes haven’t existed since May of 1945.
And the Zionist project goes on.

Corralling people onto ever smaller crowded tracts of land,
where substantial help is disallowed and Zionist banned,
substantial help forbidden to be given to Palestinian people…
As the Zionist project goes on.

Only Zionist allow in what Palestinians need to hang on,
and who would know better than Zionist prison rulers,
what concentration camp Palestinians need to hang on?
While the Zionist project goes on.

The people hang on until Zionists let themselves in,
to collectively punish innocent masses for being alive,
entire families here yesterday suddenly exist no more.
As the Zionist project goes on.

Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, grandparents, infants and more,
suffer tank and navy shelling while bombs drop from above,
there is nowhere they can hide while an uncivilized world stands by.
As the Zionist project goes on.

Uncivilized people acting in an uncivilized world,
with snipers and pot shots, imposed deprivations,
as human life and thieved houses are bulldozed away.
While the Zionist project goes on.

Get out of the way of uncivilized Zionists everywhere,
killing anyone who would dare stand in their way,
civilized people in Zionism’s way must die!
So the Zionist project can go on.

Compassion must die as a lesson to all who would defy,
the Zionist blockading of civilized humanitarian aid,
all this to keep aid from reaching the Palestinian people.
As the Zionist project must go on.

No more! No more civilized people standing by!!!!
while the ignorant world awaits God’s bloody wrath,
and for those uncivilized things to become human again.
As the Zionist project goes on.

More and more sacrifices are now being made,
unselfishly to combat the Zionists killing brigades,
while Zionists insist it’s their own victims to blame.
As the Zionist project goes on.

As the ignorantly deceived blame defenseless forsaken people,
self-serving politicians spew Zionist lies in order to comply,
with the Zionist demand for condemned Palestinian people,
to be a permanent part of Imperial Zionism’s way of life.
Imperial Zionism’s way of life?

Mark Joseph is a "nobody, coming from nowhere with billions of other human beings, outraged at the state of our uncivilized world. With our combined voices we'll all be heard, claiming and demanding rights for all earth's children, rights inherited even long before the event of our birth. I am the Angry White Man." He can be reached at: starrynyghte@gmail.com. Read other articles by Mark.