TV Friends

Smiling faces and perfect features
These Barby and Ken doll look a likes
Speak to us from TV land.
Informing us of the news
Deemed worthy for us to hear:
War, disasters, murder and invasions,
Despite the poverty and oppression
You see each day.
Smartly dressed, every hair in place,
One gal tells of weather patterns,
As if she had control of this phenomenon.
Another man knows every worldly sports score.
Another pretty face tells of the stock market.
These picture perfect individuals
Are well paid puppets,
Who try to become family or friends,
Wanting us to trust their untruths
Of which they claim to.
As if it was the gospel.
Beware of false puppets,
That comes to you from TV land.
Challenge their truths with yours
They are not a reliable source.
An elaborate form of post modern trickery,
Do not get turned on!
Indeed, get turned off, starting with the TV.
Seek other sources of truth, protest, resist,
Sit-in, love-in, drop-in, drop-out, and
Challenge all things meanstream!
Picture perfect faces show no traces
Of the propaganda that smirks within …

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.