A Krafty Bunch

The elite are shallow
Void of personality
Never taking risks
Their wealth insulated them
From the real world
The bourgeois
Are incredibly flakey
Inherited money
But not strength and wisdom
For the latter
Is personally earned
They laugh at nothing
So shallow
They can’t get a reflection
Past or present
We will always be peasants
They ride prosperity
On the backs of serfs
They like their tea and toast
Done just so, if not,
The house servant
Will be given what for
They will never go hungry, because
They are so full of themselves
They can not hear the cries
Of hungry children, or
See the long soup lines
Or maybe they do, but
Just don’t care
Never have never will
They are the illusive shareholders
For whom many good citizens
Have been put out of work
Polluted our planet
Took away social programs
Started wars for profit
Privatized it all!
They are a sickly lot
The top 10%
Our concerns have been
Brought forward, they say:
Let them eat Kraft Dinner.

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : aroha5025@gmail.com/a>. Read other articles by Charles.