Tim in Camden

I was born on Yom Kippur, the Jewish Christmas,
And my last name, Matusheski, means “God
Is with you,” something like that. Look across
The street, and what do you see? Take your time.
You say “Crown Chicken, Angelo’s Pizza and King
Gyro”? No, buddy, it says “Crown Angel King,” and
That’s no coincidence, because this city of Camden
Knew I was coming. Before this, I was in Skid Row,
In Los Angeles. You been there? No, it’s no mess!
It may be aesthetically unsound, but not for long,
For the meek will inherit the earth, and that’s why
I leave my vault of gold and my castles unclaimed.
I don’t even know where they are. Doesn’t matter!
I lack nothing. I’ve eaten today. I’m not hungry.
I’m really a Rothschild, but I’ve disowned them.
This morning, while shaving, I saw Jesus
In the mirror, and though He said nothing,
I understand a 15.0 earthquake is coming
That will swallow everything up, for this
Is utterly unacceptable! Prepare yourself.

Linh Dinh is the author of two books of stories, five of poems, and a novel, Love Like Hate. He's tracking our deteriorating social scape through his frequently updated photo blog, Postcards from the End of America. Read other articles by Linh.