Ukraine on Its Knees

US Nuclear Missiles Pea Shooter Distance From Moscow?

The media is clamoring to get Russia for attacking Ukraine, as if the US has had no influence on events. Yet, the riot in Kiev has a striking resemblance to US-sponsored color revolutions and Arab spring riots.

The template shows US mercenaries hiding behind peaceful protestors, then, igniting violence. The idea is sinister: to co-opt peaceful protestor’s legitimate cause, granting some air of legitimacy, followed by a coup to super-impose western imperial demands.

In Kiev, it started, as usual, with peace protests, then, thugs soon joined in as heavily armed trained militia. Western private media, holding its usual bag of secrets, dodges calls to tell us their country of origin.

Turns out, Germany has tried to annex western Ukraine since World War I. Neo-Nazi troops from the Svobada Party, Punch Party, and the Right Sector, totaling some 5,000, attacked the capital in Kiev. Why they were shipped to Ukraine is important.

Neoconservatives from Washington reunified East and West Germany, largely to go after the Soviet Union once again. USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev allowed the rejoining on the promise from George H.W. Bush that he would not send NATO troops eastward. Bush lied.

US-dominated NATO has broken dozens of international laws to get to the gates of Ukraine. Many people do not realize that the hunger to destroy Russia in WWII was just as acute in US elite circles as it was in the Nazi high command.

Neo-Nazis appreciate the opportunity to resurrect WWII with their western counter-parts. Demonization of Russia is critical to their success, yet too few people realize that western media is rife with neoconservative/Neo-Nazis moles (planted agents) that hold the key positions on all of the major media editorial boards.

Master conspirator among the supra-governors Allen Dulles bragged about how few people are needed to control the masses. CIA media moles or assets put in key positions censor facts the public needs to make informed decisions.

The result is a barrage of half-truths that keep the public stringing along with CIA/Pentagon war propaganda. The US Department of Psychological Warfare feeds the media the story lines it wants the public to believe. As pretext, media smear campaigns are war drums justifying an attack. Character assassination of Russia has been endless since WWII.

Western militarized media claims Putin “bribed” Ukraine’s leader, but says nothing of the $5 billion tax dollars the neoconservative and Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland spent to divide and conquer the Ukraine. Watch her explain live how this will transpire. Masked in democracy jargon, she refers to the plan to loot Ukraine using IMF austerity measures, the same mechanics that destroyed the economies of other countries like Argentina, Latvia, Italy, and Greece.

In the big picture grand chessboard scheme of things, as authored by Zbigniew Brzezinski, Ukraine is a key domino that must fall in order to checkmate, destroy, then partition Russia into dozens of vassal states. Since the beginning of the cold war media near-hysteria has proclaimed: “The commies are coming. The commies are coming.”

This slogan derived from the US State Department domino theory, lasting for a good part of the 20th century. This headline, molded into the public mind, provided a near perfect political mask for the truth and opposite reality: the American’s are coming. “That’s impossible!” people say who have never suspected that western mass media would systematically lace the news with propaganda and misinformation. To gain a better understanding we need to look deeper into history.

The United States has a supra-secret coterie of men who have over-powered the originating Constitutional republic in favor of using the country’s massive power to march themselves to world domination, and it all began shortly after the inception of the United States. This Supra-state has orchestrated the take over of country after country, one by one, all falling as dominos to the will of these self-anointed masters of the world.

After an exhaustive study of US interference worldwide by this researcher, only six microstates out of 208 countries and territories have escaped coups and subordination, probably because they had no resources worth stealing. The 202 other countries have suffered destabilization and loss of national sovereignty through a plethora of Pentagon military operations like escalation dominance, war-theater, and psychological warfare.

Countries have had to endure a wide range of grievous assaults, including: saboteurs that contaminate or blowup oil supplies; riots and protests; burning or poisoning crops; forcing leaders to sign IMF and World Bank austerity agreements that contract these countries to interminable servitude; infiltration of business moles to wreck the economy; embargoes; sanctions; currency devaluation; bribery of politicians; undermining elections; making promises that won’t be kept; assassinating leaders; kidnapping, torturing, and assassinating dissidents using paramilitary special forces who specialize in chaos and mayhem; sending in mercenary armies; infiltrating media moles to help cover-up committed crimes.

If all this fails, then US troops are deployed. A more popular ploy and face-saving device has been to attack a target country with “a coalition of the willing.” This gives war an air of international approval and legitimacy. The public is seldom apprised of the fact that the “willing” are vassal countries already under the yoke of US power.

The birth of the drive for US Global domination was born, in a sense, with the birth of John D. Rockefeller in 1839. Some could say well, no, it came at least as early as 1813 with the Monroe Doctrine. President Monroe declared that any interference in any part of the Americas by any country other than the US would be considered as an act of war against the US. Public ignorance and compliance has allowed the expansion of this doctrine to include the entire world.

Having worked in a top-secret US war room in the 1960s, military plans to take over the world were not only complete, but were being constantly fine tuned on a daily basis. Global domination is easily masked as plans to free the world. People are shocked by hearing stories of what “freeing” the world looks like from the view of countries under attack, who have dared to choose their own government without the permission from the supra-oligarchy. One example should suffice.

In 1983, Salvadoran National Guard “freedom fighters,” under the command of President Ronald Reagan, swooped down on a village in US-supplied helicopters. A peasant woman described the massacre. Her three children were killed and chopped to pieces and thrown to the pigs, while the soldiers laughed all the while. Men “gathered into a circle [were] set on fire after their legs had been broken.” Reporter Elizabeth Hanly heard of “trees heavy with women hanging from their wrists, all with breasts cut off and facial skin peeled back, all slowly bleeding to death.” Victims were the over-worked peasants who asked for food but instead received a visit from the National Guard. ((See Turning the Tide by Noam Chomsky, p.22.))

In other works, I have written and spoken of the sociopaths in society. Cruel, questionably, human beings are welcome soldiers in the numerous paramilitaries sponsored by the US supra-governors. We need to ask ourselves what this says about the governors themselves. We need to wonder why public outrage is missing, and particularly what excuses we use to escape responsibility.

When I share atrocities, the most common response is to shun away: “No! Please don’t tell me. I don’t want to know. I just want to live in my own little world.” Fear of what the US might really be doing around the world terrifies people into silence, exacting the great benefit of state-sponsored terrorism. Masses frozen by fear are incapable of addressing horrors unfolding. Mass incapacitation and immobilization by fear is necessary for the few to rule over billions. Terrorism, as such, becomes the zenith in both psychological and physical warfare.

Imagine our world split into thousands of subjugated precincts. Any village that dares to complain or ask for food gets a visit by the National Guard. This will be a dark age with no light for the billions, unless they rise to face their fears. One might ask if people would rather fight bravely to their death to create a genuine civil society, rather than risk hanging from a tree like the poor women in El Salvador. Time is not on our side.

The finish line of absolute global domination is in sight. To make a pro-active stand, we must understand the big picture. To rule the world requires a ruthless military that will perform any act of terror. A template must be perfected that works in all countries, first to destabilize them, then to overthrow them, and then to instill a puppet regime.

Since the fall of the USSR, Dick Cheney and associate neoconservatives have painted a clear picture of how they plan to finish installing their New World Order. Their words are memorialized in the publications of PNAC and its current successor, Foreign Policy Initiative. They billboard “freedom,” “democracy,” and “national interest” while their planned process is clearly fascistic.

With a collapsed Soviet Union, the US has steadily marched eastward. Ukraine is one of the last dominoes left to fall, which brings us back to Kiev. This is the second coup by the US, and some of the actors are familiar.

Playing a starring role in the Pentagon’s war-theater program is none other than world heavyweight boxing champion Vitali Klitschko. His act apparently wasn’t well enough refined. When Klitschko tried to persuade Ukrainians to accept the EU-brokered deal, he was booed off the stage. Ex-prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko is being ushered in from backstage, hopefully to restore her status as the people’s princess that she enjoyed during the US-driven Orange Revolution a decade ago.

Recall that Kiev has been the capitol of Russia for most of its 1,000-year history. This makes the geopolitical caldron hotter than any time in history. Imagine Russia or Germany sponsoring 5,000 Nazi demonstrators in the streets of Washington DC, ransacking congress and promising to imprison any US troops who fired on them. Bedlam would ensue.

Neoconservatives are doing there best to put nuclear missiles within, figuratively speaking, pea-shooting distance of Moscow. If it happens, our militarized press will howl in support, citing the fact that the USSR put missiles on Cuban soil, so now it’s our turn. The fact that Russia retreated will be a small footnote in their reporting. The USSR removed the missiles to avoid a nuclear war. What they will have to consider is that the US will likewise have to retreat in order to avoid a nuclear war.

On the other hand, if Russia folds as easily as Ukraine, then only China, the last major domino, might fall easily as well. This is the goal of the supra-governors, what they call “full spectrum dominance.” Visits by the National Guard might well become the new normal anywhere in the world. The masses strong desire not to know, not to care, will visit hell on their children’s children and their children’s children.

Maybe there is a way out we can’t see. Maybe there is an invisible smoldering massive revulsion against laughing soldiers who cut up children and throw meat and bone to the pigs. Maybe the Pope will proclaim: “This all must stop!” and the people take heed.

Don’t expect miracles. Sufficient heavily researched international laws are now in place to bring about a world of peace and justice. Enforcement by governments is missing. A mass movement to support these statutes could create a critical change we need.

Bo Filter is a social scientist, speaker, and author of The Cause of Wars and Aggression: Book 1. Read other articles by Bo.